Have insights to share? You are invited to create and submit an article that may be published in the Healing Times Magazine.  

The article should explore an interesting topic that is informative and helpful to the well being and growth of the reader. You are encouraged to get a bit more diverse and deeper than you would expect to see in a general newspaper or magazine.  Include facts, truths and accurate information, empowering suggestions and inspiring ideas.  However, please refrain from using political, fear-based or negatively critical content.  

The theme for our next issue will be announced when we return to publishing post covid..

The theme should not be the title of your article – rather choose an aspect or an angle to explore that is inspired by the theme.

Choose a subject or angle for your article linked the theme, but not a general article that could be titled by theme word.  Check out dictionary and thesaurus definitions if you are looking for extra inspiration or direction to take your article. Please allow time to check over and edit your article – often is opportunity to refine your word (and word count ) for more clarity.


The theme is a starting point that often evolves once submissions are received, prior to the completion of magazine.

Deadline for submissions is to be announced.


Submissions on other topics of your choice are welcome at any time. 
Suggested Length: 300-600 words.
Sometimes longer articles of up to 1000 words may be accepted.  

The topic may be linked to your field of expertise, though the article may not be used to directly advertise your own business. If you also wish to place an advert in the magazine it can be featured next to your article if you choose.  Should you wish to write an article about your business, then you may pay for the space and the word 'advertisement' will be printed as a small header above your article. 

The credit at the end of your article may include; 
Your name, qualification/position or a short 30 word bio starting with your name. As well as a phone number and website or email/social media .  

All things that aim to help us to be empowered or assist our personal growth are welcome in this magazine.  We will do our best to include as many articles as advertising support permits.  If your article is not included immediately, we may be able to include it in a future edition.  All decisions of inclusion are made purely by the Healing Times editorial team.

The article must be your own work with quotes, extracts and references properly represented. Please submit as word doc or paste text into email.  

Please feel free to email your interest and any questions.

Please scroll down for information on submitting front cover artwork, interior artwork, photographs, illustrations, and for information on our readers and the magazine content.


It is anticipated that the audience that will read The Healing Times; 

  • Are interested in health and wellbeing

  • Are already using natural products and therapies.

  • Have an awareness of the importance of our environment and sustainability

  • Aspire to live with honesty, integrity & kindness to themselves and others.

  • Have started to re-evaluate some mainstream and personal beliefs and ideals

  • Are interested in healing, personal growth & creativity


Content for the magazine is subject to evolution & new ideas are welcome:

  • Health & Well Being

  • Life & Inspiration

  • Astrology

  • Recipes and Food

  • Organic Gardening Tips

  • Community projects & Calendar

  • Earth Connection & Sustainability

  • Heart of Marketplace Directory

  • Mini Features: Book/CD Review, 
    Crystals, Mantra meanings, superfood spotlight, inspirational quotes, yoga pose instruction…



The front cover of colourful, feel good, original artwork that suits the magazine style may be contributed by a local artist. A column inside the magazine will feature information about the artist and their work. Please email your interest.


Photographs & graphics that may enhance the interior of the magazine are also a welcome contribution. Appropriate credit and contact info will be given.   
Please email your interest.

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