Target your market directly within a magazine aimed at your audience with very reasonable advertising rates. Get your message to readers who are health conscious, environmentally and spiritually aware,  socially responsible and community minded. 


We are very excited about the response that advertisers are receiving from their ads in Healing Times Magazine. Chances are if you are attracted to Healing Times, then the customers you seek are too. Advertisers are finding that the response to their ads compares with that of the large print runs of local papers, but most importantly the clients that come from Healing Times are the 'right' clients that they wish to connect with. 

We provide the following
advertising opportunities

Therapist in Focus
Heart of the Marketplace
Heart of the Marketplace Directory Listing
Therapy Advertorial


The magazine is quarterly, giving your ad a three month life span for ads.

A minimum of 8000 copies are distributed  to people who want to know.

They are hand delivered to venues where the magazine will be valued and read. They are freely available from venues that our readers love to visit: 
health food shops, cafés with quality and healthy foods, alternative book, crystal & new age shops, yoga & meditation centres. 


It is anticipated that the readers are:​

  • Interested in health and wellbeing.

  • Choose to eat good quality, fresh foods.

  • Use natural products & therapies.

  • Are aware of the importance of our environment and sustainability and wish to learn more.

  • Are interested in healing, creativity & personal growth.

  • of all ages, mainly over 23 years old.

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